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About Our Jewelry + Our Owner


About Raquel (Your Jewelry Designer)

I have loved and appreciated the beautiful things found in Nature all my life - from flowers to butterflies to gemstones. I began studying gemstones when I was around 10 years old and in my early 20s I began my collection of gemstones from around the world. In my early 30s, I began my studies into natural healing including the use of herbs, vegetables, and essential oils from flowers and other plants to improve my overall health and reduce the effects of the migraines I had suffered with since I was a young child. I began using tea combinations and creating essential oil blends that I use to date on myself, my children, and my massage clients.

It was in August 2018, just after my 45th birthday, that I decided to bring my dream of creating jewelry pieces to fruition, and Nature's Finest was birthed! Welcome to my Love, my Life, MYStory!

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