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Nature's Finest
Genuine Gemstone Jewelry

Unique gemstone bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and waist beads that is not only beautiful, but also full of the energies of Love, Peace, Encouragement, Power, Grounding, and so much more.


Every purchase is accompanied by affirmations to guide you toward your goals and speak your desires into fruition. Find harmony with Nature, for in her All things flow perfectly. Shop Now, and find that loving accessory you've been in need of!

Our Mission

Handmade jewelry crafted with intention and love to cater to your unique story

Created with the highest quality genuine gemstones directly from nature's source

Every piece of our jewelry contains energy and delivers to your very need whether it be for protection, love or creativity.

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Customer Reviews

Not only is the jewelry PHENOMENAL and top notch, but the customer care is absolutely amazing!! When purchasing the jewelry I truly appreciate the awareness and knowledge provided about the stones; the energy and healing they provide. The jewelry and owner have been a blessing to myself and my family!


My 6 yr old daughter and I absolutely love our bracelets! She loves the customized color and comfy fit. It's the first thing she puts on and the last thing she takes off every day. Therefore, the quality is superb! I love that my little one's energy is protected through this beautiful piece of jewelry. Lifelong customer here!

Victoria S.

I requested a custom copper wrapped crystal necklace. When I opened my package, I was astounded! It was absolutely stunning - beyond what I asked for. I'm a customer for life!

Mike Wright

The design and quality of each piece is magnificent every time! Not only do they carry beautiful energy but they are perfect for several occasions. 10/10 would recommend NF Mystry jewelry.

Erica Raquel

Genuine Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry has always been seen as both precious and very valuable, gemstone jewelry is no different. Gemstones come in a wide variety of shape, color, properties and power which makes each one special in their own unique way. Because each gemstone has it's own abilities, knowing which gemstones to put together can enhance the power within each piece of our handmade jewelry. Learn more about the properties of each gemstone and how its energy can impact you when worn.

Please treat jewelry with care. If dropped, gemstones can crack; if overstretched or worn in water, under pressure, or are pulled on, bracelets can break. One repair is free as long as you have all of the gemstones, and if there is no sign of misuse or abuse of the item. You pay for shipping to me Only, as  long as the damage was not intentional or caused by misuse.

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