Root chakra affirmations
I am safe
I love my life
I allow myself to be in the present moment, right here, right now
I have everything I need
I am open to new ideas
I embrace change
I love myself
I let go of my past
I am

Sacral chakra affirmations
I express my feelings in a healthy way
I embrace my sexuality and sensuality
I feel good about my body
I let go of repetitive thoughts
I am in touch with my feelings
I am connected to my core
I take care of my emotional needs
I am kind and compassionate

Solar plexus chakra affirmations
My body is strong and healthy
I am open to playfulness and gentleness of my soul
I am open to spirit
I take responsibility for my thoughts and feelings
Just by being, I am valuable
I deeply and completely love and accept myself
I choose love, light, and healing
I have the courage to be myself
My power is in the gentleness of my soul

Heart chakra affirmations
I allow myself to feel my tender heart
I surrender and let go of fear
I open myself to deep self love
I feel embraced by the love of the Universe
I open myself to healthy and nurturing relationships
Peace is a way of my life
I forgive myself and others
I am grateful for all that I have
I accept myself and others as we are
I feel connected with greater life

Throat chakra affirmations
I express myself clearly and in a healthy way
I speak my truth
I feel safe to express myself
I think before I speak
I am connected to deeper parts of myself, to my soul
I live in truth
I express the spirit within
I listen with the ear of my heart
I listen to my intuition
I am peaceful, tranquil, and serene
I love myself and I express my love for others

Third eye chakra affirmations
Focus on your third eye, as you mentally repeat these affirmations.
My life moves with grace
I use my intuition wisely
I see connections and the deeper truth
I have deep sense of knowing everything I need to know
All that I need is within me
I dwell in the state of presence
I am a timeless, eternal being, connected to the wisdom of the Universe
I see challenges in my life with great clarity
I learn from the challenges in my life, they are spiritual lessons
I open myself to the wisdom of elders
I love and accept myself

Crown chakra affirmations
I feel connected with other beings, with heaven and earth, the whole of Universe
I know and I understand
I am one with the Divine
I am grounded on earth and connected with heavens
I understand deeper truth and connection
I understand the deeper truth of suffering
I am at peace
I am

Chakras Balanced Set