A charming difference from the traditional bead shape, these diamond-shaped Tiger Iron beads instantly capture the eye. This bracelet is sure to make a statement with the bold Blue Tiger eye that elevate the neutral colors. Features genuine Tiger Iron, Blue Tiger Eye, and Silver plated Hematite gemstones.


Tiger Iron properties: a very powerful stone, combining 3 mineral’s energies into one. Our root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras become activated and aligned when working with or carrying this stone


Tiger Eye properties: If we allow ourselves to focus, our possibilities will become limitless and know no bounds. Opportunities and new beginnings will attach to you like a magnet when working this stone.


Hematite Properties: This stone helps refocus your thoughts and actions into those that matter to you most while guiding you on the right path.

"Alchemical Magick" Tiger Iron Beaded Bracelet