Connect yourself back to your roots and embrace your royal ancestry! This men's chain necklace features a hand-poured ankh with gold flakes, West African tribal Ashanti mask pendants, and genuine Tiger Iron, Brecciated Jasper, Mixed Tiger Eye, Gold Hematite and Brass Gemstones.


Tiger Iron properties: When these chakras are open and working together, we are reminded that anything in this world is achievable through focus, hard work, and dedication.


Brecciated Jasper properties: provides protection and absorbs negative energy.


Mixed Tiger Eye properties: helps one access their inner strength and channel it towards their personal needs and desires. This may come in the forms of creativity, drive, determination, and increased focus. ​


Gold Hematite properties: It's a stone of attraction, much like that of a magnet. Hematite is constantly pulling down excess energy from your environment to help you use it towards your best interests.



"Divine Ancestry" Men's African Inspired Necklace